Ecotour to the barda-Balkarian Alpine Nature Reserve

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Ecotour to the barda-Balkarian Alpine Nature Reserve
Trip duration:
13 days

Day 1: Arrive in Moscow on an international flight. Youll we met by our bilingual representative and transferred to the hotel. A full day of sightseeing in the city, including visits to the Red Square, the Kremlin and the Armory. Welcoming dinner, overnight at the hotel.

Day 2: Flight to Nalchik the capital of the Kabarda-Balkarian Republic. After short sightseeing of the city, bus transfer to the Bashil Gorge of the Kabarda-Balkarian Reserve along the picturesque mountain road (4 hrs). We will make stops on our way to view the most scenic places and observe birds (including soaring Black, Bearded and Griffon Vultures, etc.) Slide show on flora and fauna of the Reserve. Overnight in the tourist cottages.

Day 3: Hike to the Bashil Glacier and the magnificent Abay-Su waterfall, birdwatching; observe nests of the Bearded Vulture at a distance of 100 m; watch yaks, which were brought here from Pamirs. Picnik lunch. Optional for part of the group is watching and photographing the nesting behaviour of the Black Vulture in the buffer zone of the Reserve from the hide constructed at the distance of about 50 m for the ornithological observations.

Overnight in cottages as per Day 1.

Day 4: Now its vice versa: the first part of the group will watch the nest and the others will hike to the Bashil Glacier. Overnight in cottages as per Day 1.

Day 5: Ascend to the Narzan mountain pass with a picturesque view to the Chegem and Bashil Gorges. There may be a chance to watch the Caucasian Tur at a short distance as well as many passerine and raptorial birds. Picnic lunch. Descend to the Bashil Gorge. Overnight in cottages as per Day 1.

Day 6: Car/bus transfer (1 hr) to the Chegem tourist camp. Lunch. Hike (6 hrs) to the Turs Lake. Dynamic rock structures, lush alpine meadows, Tikhtinguen peak (4617 m) dominating over the gorge. Many interesting birds including the Rock Partridge and the Caucasian Snowcock may be viewed on the way. Overnight in cottages.

Day 7: A radial hike in the Tyutyurgu and Shaurty Gorges with their mineral water springs, fantastic rock columns and fissures. See an incredible variety of alpine flora, observe many bird species. Picnic lunch. Overnight in cottages.

Day 8: Car/bus transfer (2 hrs) to the Dumala mountain pass with a stop in Verkhny Chegem village to visit the ancient fortresses, stone mausoleums and towers (II milennium B.C.), and the ancient Greek Staircase. Walk (20 km) over the Dumala mountain pass to the Besengi Gorge. The Rock Partridge, Chough and Alpine Choughs, soaring eagles, Black and Griffon Vultures may be observed on the way. Picnic lunch. Car/bus transfer (1 hr) to the Besengi camp of mountain climbers. Overnight in comfortable cottages.

*Depending on your wish, we can take a car/bus to the Besengi Gorge instead of hiking via the mountain pass. In this case, we return to Nalchik and then, in about two hours, we are in the Besengi area. We will make a stop on our way to visit the office of the Kabarda-Balkarian Nature Reserve.

Day 9: A radial hike (3 hrs) to Misis-Kosh. Birdwatching on the way. Picnic lunch. Overnight in cottages as per Day 7.

Day 10: Hike (15 km) along the Besengi Glacier to the bottom of the famous Besengi Wall. Watch the Caucasian Tur, Snowcock, birds of prey, rare amphibians of the Baran-Kel lake. Overnight in tents.

Day 11: Ascend to the Dzhangi-Kosh (3 hrs). See all the peaks of the Besengi Wall. At the bottom of the Besengi Wall, we will pass by the cemetery of migratory birds which were not able to fly over the Besengi Wall during the misty weather. We return to the camping of mountain climbers and have a farewell dinner with national quisine of Kabardians and Balkarians. Overnight in cottages.

Day 12: Car/bus transfer to the airport. Depart for Moscow, transfer to the hotel, dinner, overnight.

Day 13: Morning to relax, sightsee and shop with lunch at the restaurant before transferring to the airport for an international flight.

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