Through western sayans to the center of Asia

South Siberia
Code of tour:
Name of tour:
Through western sayans to the center of Asia
Trip duration:
15 days

Included:accommodation, transportation, meals three times daily (prepared by a cook), guiding and interpretation services, fees for visiting nature reserves, museums, folk performances, etc.
Price does not include:airfare Moscow-Abakan-Moscow (about $550), insurance, visa support (we can assist in obtaining all above), alcohol, items of personal nature.
Route:Highlights of the trip:
  • Vast areas of untouched wilderness
  • Observe the crossroads of the most dramatic landscapes on Earth sandy deserts and mountain taiga
  • Encounter Siberian ibexes, camels, yaks and other exotic animals See the famous archeological monuments of Khakassia, peers of the Egyptian Pyramids.

  • Day 1: Arrival in Abakan by train or air. Transfer to Shushenskoe Village (1 hour). Theatrical performance in the Shushenskoe historical ethnographic museum, where the Siberian village of the end of the 19th century has been preserved in full authenticity - peasant farms, administration premises, trading houses. Learn about the daily life of Siberian people at that time, about their traditions, local crafts and culture. Meeting with staff of the Sayano-Shushensky Biosphere Nature Reserve, visit to its Nature Museum and visitors center.

    Transfer to the Yenissei river (Sayano-Shushensky reservoir) - 1 hour. On the way you will see the amazing construction of the Sayano-Shushensky Hydroelectric station. Hiking excursion along the scenic ecological trail of the Shushensky Bor National Park will take us through various zones from coniferous taiga forest through alpine meadows to stony golets.

    Overnight at the cordon (field stationar wooden house with banya, facilities outside) of the Shushensky Bor National Park.

    Day 2:

    Travel by small ship across the great Siberian river Yenissei (this section is called The Sayans Sea) along the border of the Shushensky Bor National Park and eastern shore of the Sayano-Shushensky Biosphere Nature Reserve. Hiking excursions in the Nature Reserve. For hundreds of kilometers in any direction there are no roads, nor any significant settlements. From the boat, depending on weather conditions and luck, you will be able to observe Siberian stag, bears, Siberian ibexes, roe deer. You can derive great pleasure and physical stimulation from a walk in the mountains. You can encounter the Siberian ibex, whose herds you can observe for hours through binoculars or film on video. You will learn about the work of the Nature Reserve personnel and will have an excursion with a lecture about the medicinal plants of the Sayans. Once you descend from the mountains it is a great pleasure to enjoy a Russian steam bath, go for a swim and then drink tea made from local aromatic herbs. Fishing, rest by the fire. Lodging at base stations of the nature reserve.

    Day 3: Continue to travel by boat. Descend on shore on the territory of Tuva. Visit yurts, learn about the daily life of the Tuvans. Dinner, entertainment of famous Tuvan throat singing. Walk to the arzhaan a medicinal spring. Transfer by bus to Kyzyl, the capital of Tuva (3 hours). Dinner and overnight at the hotel or on the bank of the Yenissei river in the quest yurts made in traditional Tuvan style (double accommodation, warm water, shower, biotoilets).

    Day 4: Visit the monument to the Center of Asia. Short sightseeing of Kyzyl, visit the local museum named after 60 epic heroes. Today, we will also attend to a ritual performed by the shamans and visit the unique shamans clinic. Optional is an ethnic concert performed by the local children. Transfer to the Ubsunurskaya Kotlovina Nature Reserve along a scenic road along the Yenissey River (250 km). Taste the national Tuvan cuisine for dinner. Overnight in specially prepared yurts by the beautiful Tore-Khol Lake near the border with Mongolia (facilities outside).

    Day 5: Excursion to the sands of the Tsugeer-Els. You will enjoy the impressive panorama of the sandy deserts and will meet some of the desert inhabitants. A tour to the mountain part of the nature reserve. You will have a chance to observe a rare mountain goose colony. You will see a multitude of waterfowl, as well as raptorial birds steppe eagles, falcons and others. Over 100 rare ancient burial mounds and petroglyph cliffs are located here. Overnight in yurts, as per Day 6.

    Day 6: Excursion to the sacred Ak-Khaiyrakan mountain. Rest at the lake swimming and birdwatching next to the yurts. In the evening, a local show with throat singing and national costumes can be organized as an option. Dinner and overnight in yurts.

    Day 7: Travel to Erzin village. Visit a Buddhist temple and stone-cutting workshop. Bus transfer to Kyzyl (242 km) and then to the Oyski Mountain Pass, Ergaki Ridge (Krasnoyarsk Region). This is the true Heart of the Sayans with beautiful mountain lakes, fascinating ridges, mountain passes, waterfalls, and even a stone city. An impressive mountain panorama is similar to those in Mountain Altay. Hiking excursions, overnight in tents (instead of tents, lodging in comfortable yurts can be organized at additional payment).

    Day 11: Hiking excursions in Ergaki area. Accommodation in the tented camp.

    Day 12: Transfer to the Republic of Khakassia. Tour the steppe portions of the Khakassky Nature Reserve. You will visit the most interesting archaeological monuments of the Republic Salbyksky Royal burial mounds from the time of the Skythians (1000 B.C.). Arrive in the Khakassian National Nature & Archaeological Reserve Kazanovka. Overnight in a so-called exotic hotel comfortable guest yurts made in traditional Khakassian style (double accommodation, warm water, biotoilets).

    Day 13-14: Guided excursion to the Kazanovka Park. Very picturesque and unusual landscapes. You will see the excavations of the biggest burial mound of the Bronze Epoch (XIV-XIII centuries b.C.), megalithic burial mounds of early Scythian epoch (I millennium b.C.), ancient mountain fortress, chaatas (mound-mausoleum) of the Kyrghys Khanate (VII-VIII centuries a.C.). Overnight in yurts, as per Day 12.

    Day 15: Transfer to the airport. Departure from Abakan.

    Financial Support of the League of Nation's Health.